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Grueling gymnasium routines, restrictive diet plans, with no dating: K-pop movie movie stars tell us in regards to the dark part of the industry

Grueling gymnasium routines, restrictive diet plans, with no dating: K-pop movie movie stars tell us in regards to the dark part of the industry

JINJU, Southern Korea — K-pop stars are liked, and also worshipped, across the world.


BTS fans, that are inside their millions, call themselves the “Army” and when flooded a restaurant that is korean one-star Yelp reviews as a result of its owner said another band was better.

Other hardcore K-pop fans also pool their cash together to purchase presents — including billboard advertisements in Times Square — for their idols in a training in line with the Korean term “jeogon,” which means that “tribute to your master.”

But behind the scenes, the stark reality is different.

Insider talked to people in Great Guys, a boyband that is up-and-coming of nine guys within their 20s, after their performance in the Korea Drama Festival in Jinju during the early October.

Whatever they shared had been life of strict gymnasium schedules, food diets, and forced singledom — far through the glitz and glam they reveal on phase.

Grueling gymnasium routines and restrictive diet plans

“Gym, studio, bedroom — that is my entire life group,” stated Ho Ryeong, one of several musical organization users. “we have been now get yourself ready for our album that is new and really quite busy.”

“seriously, we do not have enough time for eating,” he stated. “Nor are we able to consume everything we want.”

Another user, Jae we, chimed in: “this is the most difficult component. It is not an easy task to follow an eating plan, but We suppose it is not impossible either.”

It is a testament towards the pressures of maintaining the intense beauty requirements associated with the K-pop industry: idols must look and remain gorgeous, young, and in good shape. That always results in serious diet plans and do exercises regimes.

One famous diet that is k-pop referred to as “Paper Cup Diet,” involves eating nine paper cups — how big the people you would find by water coolers — worth of whole grain products, fruits, and veggies each and every day. Discussion with this diet can also be popular among on pro-anorexia discussion boards.

Method, a previous person in K-pop musical organization Crayon Pop, told Insider in an email that is separate “we had beenn’t permitted to consume midnight snacks. Other treats like potato potato potato chips and candy weren’t allowed, therefore we’d sneak away and eat it.”

“us not to, that made us want to eat more since they kept telling. We might secretly purchase it and consume it into the restroom,” she included, laughing.

Gym routines will also be grueling. “We utilized to dancing with 4 kg (8.8 pounds) of sandbags on our legs for a number of times,” Method stated. “Our instructor desired us to have familiar with the sandbags, therefore without one our dances would look lighter in the performance.”

It is well well worth noting why these beauty criteria affect other companies in South Korea too: the united states’s journey attendants frequently seek out surgery that is cosmetic be stunning and slim, to improve their odds of securing jobs.

Just last year, a news anchor made headlines for refusing to put on lenses and false lashes, and opting presenting together with her eyeglasses on instead.

No relationship allowed

An rule that is unwritten K-pop is idols additionally needs to give up having a love life when they wish to be successful.

Being solitary makes them appear more available to their fans. This, the idea goes, means more dedicated fans, which means that more cash for the team and record label.

This really is additionally why groups that are k-pop either all-male or all-female, too — so fans do not suspect band users are dating one another.

“Before we produced title for myself, i really couldn’t satisfy my children or buddies,” Method told Insider. “All we people had been residing together in a condo with an income space and two spaces, therefore on a regular basis we’d be around and also at work.”

“We even had a need to provide our phones to your record company,” she stated. “we’re able to scarcely satisfy also our close family relations.”

Donghwi, another known person in Great Guys, additionally told Insider: “None of us have been in a relationship.”

Whenever Insider asked him to make clear whether he and their bandmembers wouldn’t like lovers or are not permitted them, he stated: “Both! We mustn’t, but additionally, we do not like to date anyone.”

“We consented to not have a girl inside our life, therefore we can concentrate more about our mission,” he added. “We love our fans, that is enough for us.”

“If things get well, we are able to remain similar to this forever. Our company is plebecauseed for as long we love. even as we are doing exactly what”

Great Guys appears to be enjoying their road to popularity thus far, which helps them keep the difficult elements of their life. Although not all K-pop movie movie stars have actually provided the optimism that is same.

Significantly less than three months ago, South Korean police announced that 25-year-old star that is k-pop was discovered dead inside her house. Police remain investigating her reason behind death, but are working on the presumption that she killed by herself.

She was mostly of the K-pop musicians who’d attempted to deviate through the mold that is k-pop and had been chastized because of it.

She made her relationship along with her boyfriend public. She dared go out associated with homely home without a bra — departing from K-pop’s squeaky-clean image. She talked freely about her mental wellness: in 2014, she place her job on hold after enduring real and psychological fatigue.

In exchange, she got cyberbullies. When you look at the wake of her death, one fan re-posted a video clip from Sulli’s final Instagram Live, where she stated: “I’m not a bad person. I’m very sorry. Exactly why are you saying bad reasons for having me personally? exactly just What did i really do to deserve this?”

Fans and movie stars alike have actually urged record that is k-pop to simply simply simply take psychological state more really, and address it as less of the taboo.

Previously this season BTS ended up being permitted an “extended amount of remainder and leisure” — into the terms associated with the extremely successful team’s record label — during which musical organization members surely got to go to museums, head to concerts by other teams, and get fishing, Billboard reported.

Quitting K-pop is not a choice for all movie movie stars too — record businesses are apt to have a economic hang on their movie movie stars.

A contract that is typical record businesses and their stars involves the business spending money on the costs of reserving concert venues, traveling, and meals, and anticipating them to be offset by the profits. But in the event that costs wind up being a lot more than the income, then stars need to pay them straight back.

As Method explained: “Idols using the false hope of a future that is bright their financial obligation towards the business until they fundamentally lose every thing . As soon as, we had a need to sell my belongings, including my laptop computer and beloved piano, to endure.”

In accordance with the Global Federation associated with the Phonographic Industry, K-pop is “shifting from ‘potential’ to ‘power player'” into the worldwide music industry. It really is getting more crucial than ever before to safeguard its movie movie movie stars.